Here is a funny story that I would like to tell you all. When I lived in Seoul, South Korea, I had a friend named “John”. One day, he told me that years ago a specialist after checking him out and running tests told him that he had much arterial plaque and blockage around his heart and would thus need to get bypass surgery. Well, he showed up at the hospital a few mornings later for the scheduled surgery. Unfortunately, the surgeon totally forgot about the surgery and left for a vacation out of the country. How bizarre! Well, needless to say, that they sent poor John home.

Not long afterwards, someone gave him some Serrapeptase to try. He started taking it regularly. After a couple of months, he went to a different surgeon and they checked out his heart. They told him that there actually was very minimal blockage whatsoever and would not require bypass surgery. John is now in his 70s and is still living life to the Max.

For myself, I’ve been taking Serrapeptase for a number of years now, and have upped the dosage somewhat in the recent past and it’s been quite helpful. After sprinting for the bus, I’m no longer wheezing like a squeezebox. The pain in my knee is gone. My sinuses are all cleared up and I am feeling quite fine. In addition, my eyesight has improved and am sleeping much better.

I would challenge you to read up on it. I’m very amazed at how it can help to bring about healing to our bodies. I highly recommend it!