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Help for Victims of Gender Violence

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Help resources for foreign victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other abuses in English plus other languages.

Migrant Women's Hotline:
    The Migrant Women’s Emergency Hotline 1366 Center opened on November 2006 to support human rights, safety, and protection, through hotline services 365 days a year. Migrant women living in Korea, who have suffered from family violence, sexual assault, prostitution and similar hardships, can receive counseling and interpretation support using their own languages. Counseling in eight languages including: Vietnamese, Chinese, ,English, Russian, Thai, Mongolian, Tagolog (Philippines) and Cambodian is available.

    Address: #306 Dongbo Building, 1235 Soongin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
    (near Shinseol Subway station #1 line - Stop 124)
    Regional Offices: Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon and Suwon.
    Contact us 365 days a year: anytime, anywhere
    Phone: 02-1577-1366

Women Migrants Human Rights Center
    Operates a hotline for migrant women, with a special focus on foreign spouses of Korean men. However, they will also provide counseling, medical and legal help, shelter, etc. for other foreign women who have experienced domestic or sexual violence.

    Address: 23-597, Changshin 2-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul
    Phone: 02-3672-8988
    Fax: 02-3672-8990
    Hotline: 02-3672-7559
    E-mail: or

The following resource was established to meet the needs of Korean women, however they have announced services in English - this may not actually be the case, however, since providing such services depends on the availability of English-(or other languages) -speaking volunteers.

KoreaWomen's Hotline offers a hoteline and various services for Korean women. Should you contact them, you will likely need someone to interpret for you.

Domestic Violence Counseling Center
    The Domestic Violence Counseling Office provides counseling to the victims of domestic violence, and provides them with medical and legal support. To keep homes violence free, it trains future counselors on domestic violence and holds various kinds of campaigns and forums.

    Phone: 02-2263-6565

Seoul Sexual Assault Counseling Center
    The Seoul Sexual Assault Counseling Center provides counseling, medical and legal support to the victims of rape and sexual harassment. In order to create equal and healthy values on sex and culture, the center trains sex education instructors and organizes sex education projects.

    Phone: 02-2263-6465

Temporary Protection Facility, "Shimteo"
    The SWHL operates a "Shimteo", temporary protection facility, to provide the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with a place to stay, and offers not only psychological treatment through individual, group counseling and various group activities but also legal and medical support.

    Phone: 02-2272-2161

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